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Haydn Comley



August 2018

This is a mobile-hub for different drinking games that can be played with small or big groups of friends. It has a clean minimal design and also allows players to make their own packs to be shared with friends.


July 2018

A mobile puzzle game designed and developed in whole by myself. You have to add up the squares sort of sudoku style to reach the golden number. You need to complete them all in the grid and the further you go, the more special blocks you'll run into and the harder it'll get.

Input Manager CC

January 2018

The final of 3 Input Manager's that I have developed. This one has support for Keyboard, Mouse, Multiple Controllers; It's VR ready and is the cleanest project code-wise and interface-wise I've made to date. It has hints of both managers with a redesigned look and feel, while feeling fresh and efficient.


October 2017

This is a mobile app where you have to jump from platform to platform earning coins as you go. These can be used to unlock new skins and worlds. I did everything from programming to artwork, marketing to modeling and more. Released on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.